When making purchases using Avaruosad instalments you receive the product right away.
The service can be used for making substantial purchases as well as smaller ones. You can choose the suitable monthly payment amount and the repayment period.

- Quick answer to an application
- Favorable percent staring
- Downpayment starting at 0 €

Avaruosad instalments conditions are flexible and allow you to:
- Change the monthly payment
- Change the payment date
- Get a payment vacation
- Repay the loan earlier

Hire-purchase can be applied for by a person:
- Who is 18-75 years of age
- Who is a citizen of Estonia or who has a residence permit that is valid for at least one year
- Whose income is at least 250 euros a month

Interest starting from 9,9% on the loan balance
Downpayment starting from 0 €
Instalment sum starting from 50 €
Monthly payment starting from 10 €
Agreement term 3-48 months


How is it possible to sign a contract on installments?

Installments can be signed in three ways:
- Digital signature using ID- card or Mobile ID
- Come to the office - requires an identity document
- Forward contract to somebody - requires first installment from the account and a copy of the personal advocate document

Why refuse in installments?
The main causes of failure in installments:
- Debt parked in an open register of debts
- Bad credit history before by installments
- Insufficient term workplace (less than 6 months)
- Insufficient income

Who makes the decision on the petition?
Decides, a credit institution that analyzes the petition.
NB! Negative answers are explained and commented!

Transfer of data to third parties:
1. By submitting an application , the client confirms that the request for installment in the data are complete and accurate.
2. The Client is aware and agrees that the decision to conclude the contract on installment of his personal data will be transferred to the credit institution and , if necessary , their parent companies.
3. Client confirms that he was aware that the processing of client data in accordance with the conditions established by the Law on the protection of personal data, or other legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.
4. The client provides the selected institution powers: oral or written request and receive from any third party information or data necessary for assessing the reliability of the client and a treaty on installments.
5. Client confirms that he is notified that, in the case of providing incorrect data, institutions have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract concluded on the basis of a false application for installment.

Hire-purchase is provided Koduliising OÜ.
Examine the conditions of hire-purchase at the store or in the Internet at Consult an expert, where necessary.