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Terms & Conditions

avaruosad.ee takes orders in the following ways:
-  by telephone: (+372) 56 282 882
-  sending a request for: info@avaruosad.ee
-  sending an application via Skype: avaruosad
-  at: Katusepapi 35, Tallinn 11412

How do I pay for an order worth more than 200.- EUR, if I have no ID-reader, ID-card or mobile-ID?
-  To acquire ID-reader, ID-card or mobile-ID. It is very convenient and simple.
-  Make the transfer to the nearest bank branch.
-  Pay order parts (specifying the appropriate explanation in the order).
For more information on the use and registration of ID-devices can read here: www.id.ee

1. General
1.1.The quantity of goods available to purchase, indicated with a time delay and may differ from the actual state of the warehouse.
1.2.The Buyer shall have the following obligations. When preparing the Order, to provide accurate description of the necessary Good, its number according to the manufacturer’s catalogue or all the car data necessary for precise identification of the desired Good (the car chassis number (VIN), type and engine number, presence (absence) of a conditioner, gear box type and number, bodywork assembly, etc.). In case of placing the Order independently without consulting the Seller’s consultants, the Buyer shall take responsibility for the choice of the Good.
1.3.When ordering goods are not booked. The sale contract is concluded (in force) since changing the status of an order for "paid".
1.4.Disputes arising between the buyer and avaruosad.ee in connection with orders and purchases are resolved by the parties through negotiation. In case no agreement, the parties have the right to apply for protection of their rights in the Harju County Court. In resolving a dispute the parties proceed from the current legislation of Estonia.
1.5.In the case of dispute arising with avaruosad.ee the consumer has also the right to turn to an out-of-court dispute resolution body, which is the Consumer Disputes Committee operating under the Estonian Consumer Protection Board. The contact details of the Consumer Disputes Committee and the procedure rules of out-of- court dispute resolution are available at the home page of the committee at www.ttja.ee. The procedure in the Consumer Disputes Committee is free of charge.

2. Price
2.1.All prices include VAT.

3. Payment
3.1.The client is obliged to pay the account to check and make sure that all of these data correspond to reality and actually made the order. Term of payment accounts - 5 working days of your order. The order fulfillment will begin only after receipt on account avaruosad.ee specified amount. If after the expiration of the payment account remains unpaid, the order is automatically canceled.
3.1.1. Payment Service Provider. Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) acts as a collecting payment service provider. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on the invoice and Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Plc is an authorized Payment Institution.

Paytrail Plc, business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181830

4. Delivery
4.1.Free shipping from 50.- EUR (Estonia, Latvia) and Free shipping from 160.- EUR (Finland, Sweden).
4.2.Depending on the product delivery is made services Venipak, Eesti Post, DPD Post, OSC Post and SmartPost.
4.3.Delivery of different goods is carried out within 1-5 business days, but sometimes may take slightly longer due to postal delays.
4.4.If the goods are not in stock, the delivery time may take longer. In this case, the buyer will be promptly notified by the service department avaruosad.ee.

5. Packaging
5.1.avaruosad.ee recommends that you keep the original packaging of goods, in case the need arises transportation for warranty service.
5.2.Since the goods can not remove the serial number or other important information needed to identify the goods.

6. Legal remedies of Buyer and Cancellation of Order
6.1.In the case of non-conformity of the object of agreement to the terms and conditions of the agreement, the Buyer has the right to rely on the legal remedies provided for in the law, including to claim performance of the obligation (repair or substitution), claim compensation of damage, cancel the agreement, reduce the price.
6.2.avaruosad.ee is liable for any lack of conformity of a thing which exists at the time when the goods are delivered to the buyer (the risk of accidental loss of or damage to the thing passes to the buyer). In the event of consumer sale, avaruosad.ee is liable for any lack of conformity of a thing which becomes apparent within 2 years as of the date of delivery of the thing to the buyer (term for submitting claims). In the event of consumer sale, it is presumed that any lack of conformity which becomes apparent within 6 months as of the date of delivery of a thing to the buyer already existed before the delivery of the thing, unless such presumption is contrary to the nature of the thing or the deficiency.
6.3.The customer has the right to refuse to make a purchase within 14 calendar days from receipt of goods. Customer shall notify avaruosad.ee their desire to e-mail info@avaruosad.ee.
6.4.In case of cancellation the user undertakes to pay the postage costs associated with returning the goods to the amount of 20.- EUR. Except when the returned item does not meet the demand.
6.5.Upon the termination of the contract should be immediately (but not later than 30 calendar days) to return the purchased goods.
6.6.avaruosad.ee offers the buyer exchange for another desired commodity, with the recalculation of the value of the order or refund the full amount paid to the account of the client. (This paragraph is valid even in the case when the desired product is not in stock). Payment is made only of transfer, and only on the account from which payment was made the order. Payments will be made not later than 14 calendar days after receipt of the application of the buyer.

7. Return goods
7.1.The returned product must not be used, as well as be in original packaging:
7.1.1.in the explanation of the use of the goods avaruosad.ee adheres to the principle of reasonableness, ie to determine if the suitability of the goods it needs to be tested, then the item is unused;
7.1.2.the consumer must open the original product packaging carefully and without damaging the packaging. If the packaging is not opened, then returned goods must be in original packaging;
7.1.3.on the product must be in all the factory stickers, including the serial number.
7.2.14-day right of refusal on the contract does not apply in relation to the following products:
7.2.1.products that are made with the calculation of the personal needs of the consumer or by the specific terms of the consumer;
7.2.2.audio and video recordings, software if the user opened the package and / or activate the product;
7.2.3.newspapers, magazines and other periodicals.
7.3.Steering gears, steering pumps, generators, starters, axle shafts and brake calipers are sold only on term of exchange, e.g. we claim returning of the old part to us. Price of new part will be reduced by a price of old part only if it can be repaired in factory conditions.

8. Warranty
8.1.avaruosad.ee does not make warranty repairs. Repair produce authorized service centers. In the absence of such a device at the center, a warranty repair is performed through avaruosad.ee repair shop vendor or manufacturer.
8.2.The warranty period begins upon receipt of customer goods specified in the invoice / delivery note. The manufacturer is responsible for the goods within 6 months or the period runs until 15 `000 kilometers.
8.3.Reason for warranty repairs are issued avaruosad.ee bill / invoice, warranty card and very defective unit. The device should not be damaged by a serial number. If the serial number of the device is damaged or unreadable, the service center or avaruosad.ee have the right to refuse free warranty repairs.
8.4.Customer must deliver a defective product to an shop.
8.5.If the repairs are not possible, and / or production of this model discontinued, the supplier (importer) / producer replaces the product of a homogeneous product with the same characteristics or better.

9. Guarantees are not subject to
9.1.Software installed on your purchased product, as well as problems that result from its use.
9.2.Operational and physical damage, arising from intentional or unintentional physical injury or because of contact with the device of alien objects, liquids, insects, excessive dust, etc.
9.3.Operational and physical damage resulting from a defect in the electrical wiring, broken electrical power or surges.
9.4.Operational and physical damage caused by using non-original and / or incompatible parts.
9.5.Performance problems caused by incorrect use of the device and a violation of the requirements of the service manual (use of the product in other than normal environmental conditions).
9.6.The Good has been damaged in a car accident or as a result of its negligent use
9.7.If damages to the fuel feed system and the exhaust gas discharge system of the vehicle have occurred as a result of using non-quality fuel (including the use of contaminated, leaded gasoline or of diesel fuel inappropriate for the season) If damages (including also suspension or steer mechanism damages) have occurred as a result of negligent driving of the car along an uneven road or are related to the bumping load on the vehicle’s parts.
9.8.If there is a noise (squeaking, howling) in the brakes.
9.9.External damages to glasses and bodywork, lighting devices.
9.10.In case of deteriorating parts and materials (oil, filters, fuses, lamps, etc.).

10. Guarantee Obligations
10.1.A damaged Good may be accepted for examination only if accompanied by the following documentation. Order-assignment on installation of the Good in the Buyer’s vehicle, issued by an appropriately car service centre or the appropriate official dealer.
10.2.The Order-assignment form must contain the following information.
10.3.National registration number of the vehicle.
10.4.Name and surname of the owner.
10.5.Brand and engine type of the vehicle.
10.6.The works performed for installation of the particular part and their costs, as well as accompanying mandatory works to be performed in order to replace the related assemblies and sub-assemblies.
10.7.Vehicle identification number – VIN code (17-character number as indicated in the technical certificate of the vehicle).
10.8.Payment documents certifying the payment for services provided by the car service centre (cash receipt copy).
10.9.The conclusion on the causes of failure of the Good’s performance drawn out on the company’s form.
10.10.If any of the above-mentioned documents and/or guarantee documents is non-compliant or completed incorrectly (inaccurately, with errors, negligently), it shall give rise to refusal of examining the guarantee event.

11. Responsible parties
11.1.avaruosad.ee responsible to the client and the client is responsible to the avaruosad.ee for damage to the other side of a violation of these Terms of cases and to the extent established by legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
11.2.avaruosad.ee not responsible for any damage suffered by the client or the delay of delivery if the damage or delay in delivery caused by circumstances that are avaruosad.ee could not influence, and the onset of which avaruosad.ee did not foresee and could not have foreseen.

12. Privacy Policy
12.1.When you register at an online store and shopping avaruosad.ee retains personal customer data (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, telephone number) and all the information about the purchase. All data received from the customer during the order process, avaruosad.ee regarded as personal data of the client and are treated as confidential information in accordance with the Law on the processing of personal data to better procurement planning and analysis of consumer habits. avaruosad.ee not transmit any data obtained from third parties, except the minimum necessary for the organization of delivery of data.
12.2.The customer has the right to view the data in the possession avaruosad.ee, and to prohibit their further processing.
12.3.Using an encrypted data channel between avaruosad.ee banks and guarantees that no outsider, including avaruosad.ee, does not get access to personal bank customer information.